28.08.2020 – Received in the mailbox this morning: the novel “Apeirogon” by Colum Mc Cann, based on the stories of Rami Elhanan and Bassam Aramin.

So grateful to Yuval Rahamim and Osama Abu Ayash and other members of פורום המשפחות השכולות Parents Circle Families Forum منتدى العائلات الثكلى , Robi Damelin and Dikla Tuchman, for this nice gesture: Mehra loves her present and can’t wait to read it!

Once she’ll finish it, it will be placed on the shelves of our mini library at the B8 of Hope work space – aka La Beit – so that other members of our community can borrow it and enjoy it!

Thank you

Click here for the link to purchase on Amazon