A few steps to understand what B8 of Hope is, who we support, and our vision for the future

STEP 1: What is B8 of Hope? What do we do?

Our mission is to promote dialogue, non-violence, and bridge-building between Israelis and Palestinians. We support local grassroot Palestinian and Israeli organizations who fight every day to get their message heard and above all to make change happen.

STEP 2: Meet the peace activist who inspired the creation of B8 of Hope

Meet Ali Abu Awwad, the co-founder of Roots and Taghyeer and the co-owner of Karama, the Palestinian non-violence Center

STEP 3: A multiple award-winning documentary featuring the Combatants for Peace

Here is the link to a sneak peak of Disturbing the Peace.

You can buy the full version here.

STEP 4: A Documentary showcasing the power of Israeli and Palestinian women striving together for a constructive change

Les Guerrières de la Paix featuring Yara and Noa from B8 of Hope Next Generation. Available on French TV channel: Public Sénat.

STEP 5: A List of other clips and videos linked to the organizations supported by B8 of Hope:

Description of Judur/Shorashim/Roots’ youth and young adults group:

Our Pain is our Power (short clip about Parents Circle Families Forum) : 

The Peace Heroes project : 

A Land for All 2 States One Homeland: an alternative solution explained: