A few steps to understand what B8 of Hope is, who we support, and our vision for the future

STEP 1:    B8 of Hope in a nutshell.

STEP 2:    Meet the peace activist who inspired the creation of B8 of Hope.

STEP 3:    Navigate our website as though you were exploring a library.

STEP 4:    Stay in touch !

STEP 5:   Programs & Volunteering Opportunities.

STEP 1:  B8 of Hope in a nutshell, watch these two clips to learn the basics

STEP 2: Meet the peace activist who inspired the creation of B8 of Hope

Ali Abu Awwad,  the Palestinian peace activist and advocate for non-violence.

STEP 3:  Navigate our website as though you were exploring a library; delve into each section and  immerse yourself in the realm of peace-building – Ensure you catch these two exceptional movies

Disturbing The Peace:

A multiple award winning documentary featuring Combatants for Peace, one of B8 of Hope grantees. (Trailer)

You can purchase a link on here.

Les Guerrières de la Paix:

Showcasing the power of Israeli and Palestinian women striving together for a constructive change and featuring our grantee organization Women Wage Peace as well as Yara and Noa the iconic representatives of B8 of Hope Next Gen. (Trailer)

Free link to the movie (French subtitle) here.

STEP 4:  Stay in touch !

If the insight you’ve gained about our initiatives has inspired you, there are various ways to get involved, catering to different levels of engagement. You can begin by subscribing to our newsletter, ensuring you stay updated about our activities. Furthermore, you can take the step of attending our events by signing up, actively participating, and becoming part of our community.

Beyond that, there are opportunities for more impactful involvement. Consider organizing a documentary screening for your peers in the comfort of your home or within your school/university premises. This not only spreads awareness but also generates discussions on vital issues.

If you’re looking to make an even broader impact, you could extend an invitation to our Executive Director to speak at your school or university. Her insights can enrich your institution’s students in conflict resolution understanding of our mission and the broader landscape we operate within.

For those who seek hands-on engagement, volunteering or interning with us provides a tangible way to contribute. Your efforts can play a pivotal role in the success of our initiatives and the positive change we strive to bring about.

STEP 5:  Programs & Volunteering Opportunities