B8 of Hope attracts young people interested in peace-building.

They participate in B8 of Hope’s programs, they volunteer in events and help on a regular or seasonal basis.

We have decided to create a youth group which will serve as a framework for them to meet each other, stay connected with B8 of Hope and become ambassadors of B8 of Hope’s vision.

Welcome to  B8 of Hope Next Generation Youth Group (B8 of Hope Next Gen)

Ilona, Yara, Noa & Jessica


B8 of Hope Next Gen offers workshops, conferences, screenings and meetings with inspiring activists to its members. The members can be pro-active and as involved as they want, there is no obligation and no pressure!

We created an educational roadmap for you to better understand B8 of Hope and its pool of Israeli and Palestinian Grantees.

Watch the short video clip below to understand better what they do and how you can join!