Our programs


The purpose of our internship program is to give a chance to students interested in peace building and conflict resolution to learn about our work and the different change-making approaches of our grantee organizations and movements in Israel and the West Bank. Our interns also get a chance to deepen their knowledge about the challenges on the ground while helping us and adding value to our efforts in Geneva.

Our internship program alumni usually remain in contact with us and continue to volunteer for us, even remotely. They become our ambassadors on their campuses and communities.

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Philanthropic Avdentures Workshops

Philanthropic Adventures is a Geneva based association that aims to democratize the concept of philanthropy and help young people define their engagement and bring change. Philanthropic Adventures and B8 of Hope partner every year to offer a (free of charge) in person Let’s Talk About Peace workshop to groups of Swiss high-schoolers (aged 15 to 17) to learn about peace philanthropy and empathy.

The workshop (in the form of an after-school activity) takes place over a month and half once a week. The participants learn about peace philanthropy and advocacy with different facilitators from B8 of Hope and Philanthropic Adventures.


If you have a skill that is useful to us – it’s worth all the money in the world ! We often   need talented people but also extra hands when it comes to our functions in Geneva !

For students in the IB system, participating in volunteer work at B8 of Hope contributes towards fulfilling their CAS requirements.

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