Roster of Participants and Alumni from our Internship and Volunteering Program  – by chronological order

Juliet Wishner, a master’s student of international human rights at the University of Denver and an avid proponent of peacebuilding and dialogue facilitation in Israel and Palestine, She began interning with B8 of Hope in Fall 2023 and is now helping with planning our high school program with Philanthropic Adventures and reports.

Ella Vacic, is studying sociology at the University of Leeds in the UK. In June 2023, Ella helped us with several tasks related to the B8 of Hope Next Gen youth group, as well as with our website while learning about the complexities of peace-building in Israel and Palestine. She also had the opportunity to meet Tuly Flint (Combatants for Peace), and attended the production of a podcast featuring Tuly.

Ben MacLeod, law student at the University of Fribourg. In July 2022, he shadowed our executive director in the field, in Israel and in the West Bank, taking notes and minutes of meetings with different grantees and partner organizations of Hope.

Click here to read his report!

Romane Caparros, student of international relations at ILERI – Institut Libre d’Etude des Relations internationales et des Sciences Politiques. Throughout May and June 2022, she contributed to the smooth running and logistics of our various events such as our fundraising evenings and the stay of our visiting activists from Standing Together Movement. She also was in charge of parts of the tasks around the launch of our Mid-East Storytellers street exhibit in the old town.    

Click here to read her report

Orson Ophir, high-school student at the International School of Geneva. Definitely our youngest intern ever ! During his internship from October 2021 to May 2022, Orson created the graphic design of our Geneva street exhibit of “The Mid East Storytellers”. We wish him the best of success for his university studies at Rhode Island School of Design.


Alexandra Merguerian, a Master of Arts graduate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Uppsala University in Sweden, Alexandra  also holds an MA in International Law from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. Her research and interests lie at the intersection of reconciliation, transitional justice, and collective memory in divided societies. Alexandra volunteers for B8 of Hope on a regular basis.

Thesis link here

Noa Welling, student of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. She volunteered for B8 of Hope with its Next Gen online activities in 2020.

Noa Bar, an Israel-based activist and a graduate with a Master’s degree in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics, dedicated her time as a volunteer for B8 of Hope in 2020. Her invaluable contribution included refining the wording of our grant-making criteria during that period.

Engelina Maria (Marga) Witteman, graduated from the Conflict Studies and Human Rights Master’s program at Utrecht University. In 2020, while working on her masters, she approached us for assistance with her thesis and a learning opportunity. We extend our gratitude to her for acknowledging us in the acknowledgment section of her thesis.

Thesis link here

Jessica Fayon, graduate from Regent’s University London. She interned for us from October 2020 to July 2021, before starting her Masters in Visual & Digital Media at IE Buisiness School in Madrid. Jessica remodeled our digital presence and is the co-founder of our B8 of Hope Next Gen Youth Group.

Moritz Haegi, was studying his Master degree in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of Geneva (IHEID) in 2019 when he started volunteering for B8 of Hope. He has been volunteering for us since then, both in Geneva and in Israel and in the West Bank.
We wish him the best of success in his current PHD program at University of Basel !

Thesis link here

His Blog on the Time of Israel here

Brooks Fleet, a student at The Graduate Institute of Geneva (IHEID) in 2019, Brooks. volunteered at several B8 of Hope events and was responsible for refining and formatting our annual report that year. We wish him the best of success at his current job at the World Food Program in Rome.      

Parker Bryan, student at Wesleyan University in 2019, when she joined B8 of Hope as a communication intern and volunteer, from June to November. We wish her the best of success at her current job at!

Ilona Métais, a student at McGill University in 2019 when she reached out to B8 of Hope and became our first ever intern. We wish her the best of success in her current studies for a Masters degree in Law at Sciences Po, Paris.

Noa Grandchamp, student at the Instituto Europe di Design, majoring Photography in Milan, back in 2018, she spent several weeks during the summer shadowing our Executive Director and generously offered her photographic skills to capture a detailed on-site photo report. Furthermore, she orchestrated an exhibit in March 2019, with the proceeds from her sales benefiting Taghyeer, one of B8 of Hope’s supported initiatives.We wish Noa the best of success in her brand new entreprise W1NDOW 4 art gallery in Geneva, dedicated to photography whose vocation is to promote emerging talents.

Listen to Noa here