At B8 of Hope, we act sometimes as « artistic agents » except that our artists are inspiring Palestinian and Israeli peace builders and change makers emanating civil society organizations and movements.

A few months ago, we nominated A Land for All, Two States One Homeland (an Israeli and Palestinian joint initiative belonging to the pool we support) to the 2020/2021 Luxembourg Peace Prize.

And…🥁A Land for All ארץ לכולם بلاد للجميع won the Outstanding Peace Support category !

The sad events of the last weeks only strengthen their belief (and ours) that they are on the right path. They proved that the policy of “managing the conflict” has failed and that Palestinians and Israelis living all over this land cannot be separated from this land. Therefore the road to peace and reconciliation passes through real and tangible equality and partnership.

« Since its inception, A Land for All, Two States One Homeland’s founders worked relentlessly to draw a vision which can accommodate all aspirations of both sides, alleviate fears and offer a vision that can integrate core pillars to become the foundations for a future just, sustainable and long lasting peace, for all people living in the land between the Mediterranean See and the Jordan River. » said Nasri Barghouti, the Palestinian representative of the movement and co-laureate of the award, with Meron Rapoport, the Israeli representative of the movement.

It is time for voices of those sharing a new vision and wishing for a just future based on equal rights, mutual respect, dignity and security for all, to be heard louder. A heartfelt thank you to the 2020/2021 Luxembourg Peace Prize and Vicki Hansen for doing so !

The Luxembourg Peace Prize represents the growing recognition of the importance of the ideas and the activities of A Land for All Two States One Homeland. It is sponsored by the Schengen Peace Foundation and the World Peace Forum which are committed to contribute to “the construction of a more peaceful world by promoting peace, tolerance and understanding”.

The « hybrid » ceremony was held on Friday, 28th May at the University of Luxembourg. B8 of Hope was present, represented by its Chair and co-founder Mehra Beit. The spokespersons and active Israeli and Palestinian members of A Land for All/Two States One Homeland joined both in presence and virtually.

This movement was founded in 2012, by Israeli and Palestinian thinkers, geographers, lawyers and agents of change. It was born out of a series of meetings which resulted in a Statement of Principles : democracy, freedom of movement, sovereignty, justice, security, Jerusalem and a homeland for all in the framework of a confederation of two independent States with several joint institutions. For more details, please refer to their booklet

Mabruk, Mazal Tov, Congratulations to our hard-working peace-builders of A Land for All !