« Two nations live here in this land, and both want to live peacefully and safely. Solutions entailing separation have failed in the past, and will fail in the future. Cooperation, however, succeeds. There is a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and it is right here in front of us. Do you choose to live by your sword? Or can you put your fears aside? »

Living here, separate and together – this is the ethos of A Land for All. 

They are one shared movement, divided into two separate branches – one Israeli and one Palestinian – both jointly and severally. Together, a group of Israelis and Palestinians offer a new horizon for reconciliation between the two people, based on the existence of two sovereign states in one open land. The Land of Israel/Palestine is a homeland shared by two people – the Jewish people and the Palestinian people, each having deep historic, religious and cultural connections to the land. All people living in this shared homeland have an equal right to live freely, equally and with dignity, and any agreement must guarantee these rights.

On the basis of these beliefs, the group has drafted a shared Statement of Principles to clarify their ideas and address issues such as refugees, the capitals of the two states and the separate and shared institutions of state. This document is a starting point for a discussion in which all parts of society, on both sides, will participate, to achieve reconciliation based on correcting past wrongs without creating new wrongs and without forcefully uprooting communities and people. 



– Schengen Peace Foundation and World Peace Forum Luxembourg Peace Prize/ Outstanding Peace Support (2021)

Credit Photo: @A Land for All