Combatants for Peace was founded by ex-Israeli military and former Palestinian fighters, putting aside their weapons to show “there is another way” and standing together as a bi-national community which is based on non-violence!

Their Alternative Memorial Day in Tel-Aviv, which brings together more and more participants every year to hear bereaved Palestinian and Israeli speakers, might one day become a mainstream event.

– ISA Outstanding Scholar/Activist (2019)

– Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (2017, 2018)

– Paula Green Peacebuilding Award (2018)

– Cinema for Peace Award (2017)

– FOR Pfeffer International Peace Award (2016)

– The First Ever Roger Ebert Humanitarian Award (2016)

– Peace Direct: Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Award (2015)

– The Tufts Global Leadership, Dr. Jean Mayer Award (2015)

– The IIE Victor J. Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East (2010)



– Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award (2009)

– Anna Lindh Foundation, Euro-Med Dialogue Award (2009)

– Livia Foundation Conflict Resolution Award (2009)

– Search for Common Ground Award (2007)

International Bremen Peace Award (2007)

– Honored by the City of Philadelphia (2006)

– Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze Award for Non-Violence Dr. Jean Mayer Award

– The Ben Gurion University Berlson Award

Credit Photo: @Combatants for Peace